16 May 2012

Odilon Romeo Proulx

Sorry for not posting much! This is a picture I recently acquired of my great-great-grandfather, Odilon Romeo Proulx. He was a stone mason in Rhode Island and doesn't he just look like the most dashing, up-standing man you ever did see? I like this picture because I think it shows a lot about who he was even though I never met him. I can see in his eyes that he had strong character and wanted to do the best he could to support his family. 

Here is a picture of him with his wife, Elise Aubin, and his three daughters, Yvonne on the left, Irene on the right, and Dorothy in the middle. I love his hat and bow tie in this picture. A family member told me that he would wear that hat all the time. He is another great person in my ancestry that I admire. 

He passed away in about 1940 from an abscess on his lung. Dorothy was only ten years old. I'm sure he was greatly missed.  

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